Samuda Urges JPS to Quickly Restore Electricity to Affected Sections of Portmore & Better Manage Infrastructure Rehabilitation in the Future

Opposition Spokesman on Industry, Investment, Commerce, Energy & Energy, Mr. Karl Samuda, is at this time urging the Jamaica Public Service to quickly restore electricity to sections of Portmore, some of which have been without their power supply since Wednesday.

Mr. Samuda says: "It has become customary practice for the JPS to act in unreasonable and unconscionable ways.  No amount of explanation regarding the removal of sea salt build-up and other contaminants along its power lines can justify the suspension of power to communities for such a lengthy period of time.  Rehabilitation activities should be carried out on a phased and time-specific basis so as to not interrupt the power supply of customers for any unreasonable period of time."

The Opposition Spokesman went on to indicate: "We have a humanitarian situation on our hands in Portmore at this time as persons suffering from diabetes and need to refrigerate vital medication like insulin are being terribly inconvenienced at this time.  One can only imagine the displacement and discomfort experienced by households and businesses that have had their electricity supply interrupted for extended periods of time."

Mr. Samuda points out that while it is understandable that the JPS will concentrate efforts on preserving the quality of its power distribution system from time to time, it is imperative that in doing so, it demonstrates foresight and conscience and minimize dislocation to customers.  Samuda says, going forward, the light and power company cannot expect to carry out infrastructure rehabilitation at the undue expense of its customers.

Samuda asked: "How can the JPS justify work that leaves citizens deprived of their power supply for an inordinate period of time?  It is clear that what the JPS should be seeking to do in these instances is better balance the need for rehabilitation of its infrastructure, against the needs and interests of its customers."