Residents at Risk! Emergency Response Needed Now Minister Pickersgill - McKenzie

West Kingston MP, Mr Desmond Mckenzie, has issued a public appeal to Minister Robert Pickersgill, Minister with responsibility for the water sector, seeking his intervention to address an on-going sewage problem affecting several West Kingston communities over the last two and a half weeks.

The Member of Parliament noted that more than 6,000 constituents are affected by a serious  overflow of sewage, and said that with the clear threat of a possible outbreak of serious illnesses, especially among seniors and children, it is cause for serious concern.

Mr. McKenzie said that he has been trying to get the NWC to take action since mid-August and had intensified his efforts in the last week.  He said, “I believe we need an emergency response team immediately sent to address this matter.  I have continuously tried to get the NWC to fix this problem.  My last call was to the office of the President of the NWC and the problem still is not fixed.  Instead it has significantly deteriorated.  

He continued “There is sewage in every section of West Kingston. It’s in Denham Town, it’s in Mid-Town, it’s in Tivioli, it’s on the streets and now coming up in people’s homes.  When you consider the current threat of chikungunya and the public health hazard of the presence of sewage in the community, I’m forced to make this public appeal on behalf of my constituents.”

Mr. McKenzie said it will be truly unfortunate if not only the members of the community, but also the wider Jamaica is forced to pay the price of an outbreak because of the NWC’s failure to do their jobs.