Public Education & Clean Up In St. Thomas Today

Do not allow political considerations to get in the way of public health management
Following on a recent directive by Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Leader Andrew Holness, the JLP today led a clean-up and public education exercise in the Morant Bay Division of St. Thomas Eastern, in response to the chikungunya epidemic.  
JLP Caretaker for St. Thomas Eastern, Delano Seiveright said that the virus appears to have already peaked, with almost every single household affected in most areas.
He said that he was very concerned that most St. Thomas residents are convinced that “something else” is causing so many people to fall ill and are refusing to visit the Doctor, opting instead to take home remedies. He noted that these dilemmas are a direct result of the very poor handling of the epidemic by the Ministry of Health and other government agencies resulting in the entrenchment of misinformation and mistrust.
Mr. Seiveright also expressed grave disappointment that the expansive and heavily populated Dalvey division, one of the worst affected areas, is not listed in the government's planned and long overdue clean up on the weekend. The list as issued by the St. Thomas Public Health Department only noted activities in specific sections of Bath, Port Morant and Morant Bay. He urged the authorities to not allow petty political considerations to get in the way of public health management.
Mr. Seiveright also said that he is inundated with complaints by residents about lingering joint pain that prevents them from returning to normal day to day life, highlighting the impact the illness is having on businesses, communities and families.