"Poll Results show what JLP has been hearing on the ground" - Holness

The Leader of the JLP, Andrew Holness, speaking at the Party's Central Executive meeting today, stated that the JLP was pleased by the recently released poll results, but would continue to remain focused.

Mr. Holness said "The Gleaner Poll reflects what we have been hearing and feeling on the ground.  The government is out of touch and disconnected from the people.  On the other hand, the Labour Party is always defending the interests of the people and holding the PNP accountable for the government's failures.  We are also preparing policies to ensure that when we become government the country will again placed on the right path."

He continued "We must all remain aware however, that more and more Jamaicans are disenchanted with politics as it has been practiced in Jamaica - the poll shows this clearly.  The JLP is committed however to showing that we are different from this PNP-led government, that we are the party that puts Jamaicans first, and that there is a real choice to be made when the next election is called.

In closing, the Party Leader said that he was committed to changing the way politics is practiced in Jamaica, so that all Jamaicans will feel confident in the political process and will again trust their government to address their concerns about good health, having a job, enough money to support themselves and their families, and a reasonable cost of living.