People Power-less under PNP

Published: Friday | February 15, 2013
Jamaica Gleaner


In the lead-up to the 2011 general election, the People's National Party (PNP) campaigned under the slogan 'People Power'.

What we can now safely conclude is that the slogan was clearly never meant as any commitment to empower the people of this country, but for the PNP to derive political power.

The people of this country have become all the more powerless since the PNP came to office over a year ago. The poor of this country are being made poorer and the already struggling middle class is being made poor by bad policies.

We now have a country of frustrated hopes and delayed or shattered dreams, and which is paralysed by hapless and absentee leadership. The Government is intoxicated by power and seemingly lacks the political will and competence to do what is right and necessary to make Jamaica a better place for all.

large cabinet

One of the PNP's first acts as Government was to appoint one of the largest cabinets in Jamaica's history. Sadly, several appointees have proven to be out of their depth and, consequently, of very little value.

Rather than creating real opportunities for all, the distributing of scarce benefits, to the few, including to advisers, is the order of the day.

While imposing one of the largest tax packages in history, government ministers have been provided with brand-new high-end vehicles. While the rest of the country has been asked to make huge sacrifices, the Government refuses to share in that sacrifice.

This PNP Government has lost any little credibility that it actually had. It is a clear and present danger to any hope of a better and more prosperous Jamaica.

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