Opposition Spokesmen Issue Joint Statement Following Arrest of 3 Police Officers in Mario Deane Case

Opposition Spokesmen on National Security and Justice, Mr. Derrick Smith and Senator Alexander Williams, in a joint statement issued today, indicated that they have taken note of the arrest and charge of three police officers who were on duty at the Barnett Street police station when Mario Deane was beaten to death.

The Opposition Spokesmen stated that in the context of the confidence they repose in INDECOM, and their abiding interest in transparency, fairness and accountability, they view the arrests as a step towards justice and closure for the Deane family.

At the same time, Mr. Smith and Senator Williams observed that the three police officers will have their day in court and are entitled to mount their defence.

The Opposition Spokesmen said: "The chips will fall where they may, but above all things, we are interested in the swift and transparent carriage of justice. The arrest and charge of the three officers, against the backdrop of a professional investigation by INDECOM, is certainly one step towards assuring the public that no one is above the law, that the human rights of all Jamaicans must be protected, and any persons deemed to have flouted the law in serving the public will be held to account."
The Opposition Spokespersons stated that that would continue to watch the development of this matter closely.