Minister Brown Has Abused Use of Public Funds!- Terrelonge

JLP caretaker for St Catherine East Central, Mr Alando Terrelonge is expressing disappointment at the response given by the Junior Minister  Arnaldo Brown, for his massive $1,000,000.00 phone bill. 
Terrelonge describes the telephone bills as “a grave insult to the hard working taxpayers of Jamaica and a clear abuse of public funds.” Terrelonge added that “those elected to serve must lead by example and make the same sacrifices they call upon ordinary Jamaicans to make especially in the utilization of public funds to provide services to these same citizens.”
Mr. Terrelonge noted that the Minister’s pronouncement that he intends “to put in place measures to ensure a reduction in the cost of these bills” demonstrates that little or no care was taken before to ensure that his telephone bill was kept at a reasonable level.
 According to Terrelonge: "In the age of technology, one would expect that all our Ministers, and in particular our young Ministers would adopt more affordable means for communicating, whether in Jamaica or abroad. With skype, viber, bbm, whatsapp, tango and so many other communication platforms, excessive phone bills and roaming charges are inexcusable and ought to be a thing of the past. It is time elected Government officials tighten their own buckles as the suffering public, we can no longer ignore their misplaced priorities."
Terrelonge concluded: “When one compares the phone bills of other Ministers who also travel to conduct business on behalf of the nation, it is inexcusable for one Minister’s bill to be so excessive. It is time we treat Jamaica as a business and develop ways to maximize our returns. Going forward, it would be practical and more cost effective to implement a standard phone policy for all Government officials both elected and appointed to follow when travelling. These should include limited data use; taking advantage of free wi-fi; and getting a local sim card where possible.