McKenzie Writes to INDECOM Demanding Justice & Closure for Family of Man who Died in Police Custody

Member of Parliament for West Kingston, Mr. Desmond McKenzie, is today demanding an update from the authorities on the state of investigations into the death of Oshane Dothlyn, the young man who died while in the custody of the police in February of this year at the Darling Street lock-up on ganja possession charges.

Mr. McKenzie says in continued pursuit of accountability and justice for Oshane Dothlyn and his family, he has written to the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) demanding an update on the investigations.

Mr. McKenzie said:  “While we in West Kingston are pleased that the beating death of Mario Deane has received the level of public attention and has sparked the kind of agitation amongst civil society such tragic episode deserves, we are extremely disturbed and disappointed that the same has not applied in the case of Oshane Dothlyn.  The nation will recall that Oshane’s life came to a tragic end back in February of this year, under circumstances that are not dissimilar to that of Mario Deane where there are more questions than answers, and the police’s account of events is shrouded in controversy.”   

In his letter to the INDECOM head, Terrence Williams, the West Kingston MP said:  “I am urging you to provide the family of the late Oshane Dothlyn and the public for that matter, with an update on your investigation and findings thus far.  This is especially important as concerned citizens, and the family in particular, have not received the closure they deserve.  With the case languishing over several months now, the family is being made to suffer in silence, and this should not continue for much longer.”

Mr. McKenzie noted in closing that we have become a society with a widening trust deficit, and the citizenry is becoming increasingly cynical about law enforcement and other state agents.  It is important he says, that we raise the bar and assure Jamaicans that justice, transparency and accountability are guaranteed regardless of their station in life.