Kerensia Morrison Ready for St Catherine North Central

February 9, 2016

The Jamaica Labour Party is pleased to announce the confirmation of Kerensia Morrison as the party’s candidate for St Catherine North Central.
Morrison has been serving as the Caretaker for the Angels Division in the constituency.

“I am really excited about nomination day. This constituency has huge potential and it deserves to have a candidate who, not only believes that it can be a model constituency, but someone who is committed and dedicated to achieving results. I offer myself as that candidate.”

Speaking on the morning of her first nomination day, she outlined her vision for the constituency, which is aligned with the Party’s Prosperity theme and focussed on infrastructural improvements, youth development and economic growth.

 “One of my main concerns is the condition of the roads across the constituency. Many of the roads are in a deplorable condition. There are communities such as Above Rocks and other places that have been isolated because there is no access as roads just don’t exist. This will be one my main priorities whewn i am elected.”

She also has major concerns about the availability of potable water. “Why should people be carrying water on their heads in 2016 and we are not hearing of any solution, only the tired argument that the pump is broken. This will be one of the issues I will fight hard for to make the lives of the people of St. Catherine North Central more dignified.”

On the development agenda, she believes that investment in young people will lead to a major economic upturn in the constituency. She also spoke of her intention to expose farmers in the constituency to new technologies and let young people see that they can increase their yield and become millionaires from farming.

In embracing the Poverty to Prosperity agenda she said: “The party’s message is so powerful and it embraces all the things that every community should want to work towards. There is mutual interest in this agenda.”