JLP Women call on Simpson Miller to Discipline AJ Nicholson

The JLP Women's Caucus has joined its voices to the public calls for the resignation of Senator AJ Nicholson by calling on the Prime Minister to take strong disciplinary action against the Leader of Government Business in the Senate and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Olivia "Babsy" Grange, the JLP's Spokesperson on Gender Affairs, said on behalf of the Caucus "The fact that a Minister of Foreign Affairs who must defend the rights and privileges of Jamaicans outside of our borders could make such a remark in the Senate of Jamaica during a discussion of  working conditions for women, is reprehensible and unacceptable.

His reported behaviour after the Sitting in the corridors of the Parliament and the fact that he had to be pressured into giving a belated, grudging and poor 'apology', also clearly demonstrate his lack of respect for the average Jamaican woman."

Ms. Grange continued " The Hon. Portia Simpson Miller is Jamaica's first female Prime Minster.  We urge her to listen to the voices of the women of Jamaica who have been and who feel seriously disrespected by this senior member of her government, and to take strong disciplinary action against him.

On behalf of all Jamaican women the Prime Minister must make it clear by her actions and not only by  words, that one does not joke about rape - the worst possible physical offence other than death, that can be made against a person."