JLP welcomes Criminal Records (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Bill – Williams

Opposition Spokesman on Justice, Senator Alexander Williams, says that The Jamaica Labour Party welcomes the Criminal Records (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Bill which was passed in the Lower House. 

Senator Williams says “The Opposition is heartened that the present administration followed through on this very important issue which we championed when we were in government”. He continued, “The White Paper tabled in Parliament during the JLP led administration, helped to pave the way that brought us to this point”.  

He says, “The  law had created injustice. In many instances, persons convicted of relatively minor offences, including the possession of small quantities of ganja, have had to wait for too many years to have their records expunged. As a result, they face problems obtaining jobs, or travel abroad.” This, he says, “hinders their ability to contribute as productive members of the society, even after they have been rehabilitated”. 

The Spokesman reiterated that “The Opposition, in addition to tabling the white paper that paved the way for the decriminalization of ganja and the records of those affected to be expunged, supports, a properly regulated medical marijuana industry and also the development of the Hemp industry”. He concluded, “The Jamaica Labour Party will continue to initiate and support legislation that ensures justice for all Jamaicans, while affirming their human rights and dignity”.