JLP Team Prosperity Presents Prosperity Live

JLP Team Prosperity Presents Prosperity Live

Under the Leadership of Andrew Holness, JLP Team Prosperity will host its first Prosperity Live event at the Jamaica College's Karl Hendrickson Auditorium on Thursday June 11, 2015 at 6:30 pm.

Mr. Holness explained: "Prosperity Live will be an exchange of ideas, deepening our connection with the people of Jamaica, spreading the good policies and solutions offered by the Jamaica Labour Party, and listening to the ideas of people who want to share theirs".

Mr. Holness said Prosperity Live is aimed at connecting people to the policies of the JLP and broadening the body of ideas available to the Party. He said: "This series is aimed at connecting the people of Jamaica with our mantra of Poverty to Prosperity and presenting our action-oriented team to the nation in a structured and organized way. These events have been long discussed internally and called for generally by our supporters. The event on Thursday will be the start of something new and real for the Party and the People of Jamaica."

The JLP Leader said all Jamaicans are invited to attend and contribute or just to listen: "For this first exchange Audley and I will be leading the discussions, but more events are slated to present other members of the team and our solutions all over Jamaica in the coming weeks."

Prosperity Live will be at the Jamaica College's Karl Hendrickson Auditorium at 6:30 pm on June 11, 2015.