JLP Responds to PNP Manifesto

February 16, 2016

The Jamaica Labour Party's response to the release of the People’s National Party manifesto:

“Behind the glossy pages and stock photos of a Jamaica that does not exist under the PNP’s government, there is more of the same promises that have been made time and time again. The one difference is the fact that every new election their promises get more expensive. 

“This manifesto is no different. The PNP’s Manifesto comes with a huge a price tag, but little state resources to fund this extravagant expenditure. So who’s going to be on the hook to pay for PNP’s promises? Like usual, the Jamaican people.

“Our people can no longer afford this government. For far too long the PNP has used the Jamaican people as an ATM. Jamaica deserves a new government with fresh ideas that will modernize and grow our economy, not the government. We cannot continue to increase government spending while people struggle to feed their family.

“The JLP understands that an economy works better when people decide how to spend their own money. With this in mind, we have already outlined a Partnership for Prosperity with the Jamaican people in our 10 Point Plan:

  1. Establish a Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation to facilitate speedy investment.
  2. Create jobs through expansion of the Junior Stock Market
  3. Grow economy by abolishing personal income tax for everyone who earn a gross salary of JA$1.5m or less.
  4. List Public Companies on the Jamaica Stock Exchange so citizens can invest in their realistic plans for growth and development.
  5. Fix the water problem to reduce the impact of drought on the economy as well as to boost agriculture and housing construction.
  6. Reform the NHT, the Housing Agency and the Mortgage Bank to expand affordable housing construction and reduce interest rates on mortgages.
  7. Create a special council of investment ambassadors to bring large investors to Jamaica.
  8. Establish a National Apprenticeship Programme and a National Service Programme to train our unemployed youth.
  9. Digitize all government records, and business processes to improve the efficiency and accessibility of government.
  10. Revitalize and rebuild our town centres and cities. 

“Jamaicans deserve better than what the PNP offers in their manifesto. Their failed ideologies of past have held us down long enough. Together, we can build a better Jamaica through a partnership for prosperity.”