JLP Releases Manifesto

February 18, 2016

Earlier at The Pegasus Hotel, Party Leader Andrew Holness presented the much anticipated Jamaica Labour Party's Manifesto. After launching JLP's manifesto, Mr. Holness, the Shadow Cabinet and party leaders set out on a bus for the "Prosperity Road Tour" beginning in Coronation Market to present the manifesto to the people.

Following the release, Holness stated:

"Now we will take the manifesto directly to the people. This manifesto is a reflection of the hard work we've put in over the past few years talking with Jamaicans around the nation. This process made us a better, more representative party and you can see it our work presented today. We have listened to what Jamaicans expect from their government and, more importantly, what their hopes are for the future and their children's future."

"Our manifesto is the roadmap to our Partnership for Prosperity. The manifesto details a new path for Jamaica with fresh ideas that bring real, lasting change to our nation, not simply empty rhetoric and recycled policies. Thus, there is value in our manifesto. We have ambitious goals because Jamaicans deserve better than what we are currently getting from a PNP government. Our priority is a better Jamaica where all Jamaicans have the chance to live prosperously."