JLP Ready for National Debate… Where is the PNP?

February 9, 2016
General Secretary of the Jamaica Labour Party Dr. Horace Chang says the JLP is ready for the National Debates.
“The Jamaica Labour Party welcomes every opportunity to put in the public space the policies and programs that will provide a Partnership for Prosperity that will benefit all Jamaicans. The PNP is being disingenuous by claiming to want to "step up" but is hiding away from the national public debates.”
Dr. Chang explained that although the JLP has been ready to sign the letter of agreement, and that the Party’s representative Deputy General-Secretary Audley Gordon had so indicated to the Debates Commission,  he was advised by the Commission that up to the day before nomination day, they were unable to locate the PNP General Secretary or its representative Mr. Julian Robinson to sign the letter or to schedule a new date.
Dr. Chang said: “We stand ready to stick to the dates of February 16, 18 and 20 as proposed by the Debates Commission. We hope the PNP and its leadership will not insult the electorate by refusing to be held accountable by participating in public debates. The JLP and its leadership are committed to these public debates moderated by an independent commission, fully transparent and open to the public”.

In closing, Dr. Chang indicated that JLP Deputy General-Secretary Audley Gordon has written to the Chairman of the Debates Commission today to once again confirm the Party's availability and readiness to sign the relevant agreement.