JLP Launches Anti-Chik-V Cleanup Campaign

 JLP Leader Andrew Holness has mobilized the Jamaica Labour Party to assist in the cleaning up communities in response to the current Chik-V epidemic.
Mr. Holness today revealed that that he has directed all MPs, councilors and the wider party machinery to use whatever resources available to start an Anti-Chik-V Cleanup Campaign, “Communities are being impacted so we are doing what we can, as a team interested in the welfare of Jamaica and Jamaicans. We have been sensitizing Jamaicans over the past couple weeks on the spread of the epidemic and we believe our education campaign has helped Jamaicans to protect themselves.  This is another step”.
The Opposition Leader is of the view that all Jamaicans must come together to protect themselves, "This virus is having a devastating impact on businesses, schools and the wider society.  We are Jamaicans and we must protect Jamaica.  Our machinery can and will assist in any campaign to deal with the virus”.
Jamaican Labour Party General Secretary Dr. Horace Chang says the party machinery is ready, “Our four area councils are ready and we have been in the planning stages of moving from a public education to a public sanitation campaign. We do not have the resources of the government but we will use what we have to assist communities in cleanup efforts but we will cooperate with the responsible state Agencies in every meaningful effort to control this Epidemic that is hurting Jamaicans and reducing our productive capacity”.