JLP has Youth at the Center of Development – Holness

Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Andrew Holness says the youth of Jamaica must be at the center of Jamaica's development plans if we are to secure the nation’s prosperity.                                       
Speaking at G2K's Annual General Meeting over the weekend, Mr. Holness insisted, “Any government that is serious about prosperity must prioritize and invest in its youth, and the JLP has a track record of doing this”. He said “We have made a solid commitment to build on the foundation of the Career Advancement Programme to:
1.    Develop a National Programme of Apprenticeship, and
2.    Revise the Social Safety Net to include a programme of conditional transfers‎ to encourage young people to pursue post high school education and apprenticeship.
Mr. Holness observed, “The PNP administration has not demonstrated any intention to make youth a priority”. He continued, “The JLP government implemented a tuition-free policy to ensure that education is accessible, yet the PNP has been slowly reintroducing cost sharing, returning us to a time when parents are burdened by exorbitant fees and students are kept out of school because they are unable to pay”. 
He continued, “The JLP government that I lead, will keep our solid commitments to the youth of Jamaica. Young people between the ages of 18yrs and 39yrs, who make up approximately 45.9% of the electorate, are not tied to ideology or the tradition of their parents; they are not satisfied with talk; they want a government that is responsible, accountable and has tangible policies and ideas that are relevant and responsive to their needs. The JLP is aligned with their aspirations”.  
In congratulating the newly elected G2K executive, Mr. Holness challenged them to inspire their peers in the wider society, to get enumerated. He concluded, “Unless the youth utilize the power of their numbers with their votes, the PNP will continue to take them for granted and deny them the change and development they deserve.”