JLP Central Executive Demands Removal of PNP Representatives from Government Employment

- Calls for Jennifer Edwards to step down from NSWMA

The Jamaica Labour Party at a recent meeting of its Central Executive, the Party's highest decision making body outside of Annual Conference, expressed strong concerns regarding the fact that the People's National Party has named three (3) persons employed to the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NWSMA) as its representatives at the Divisional level, ahead of Local Government elections legally due in 2015.

JLP Chairman, Senator Robert Montague, also stated that the concerns had again brought to the fore the JLP’s concern with the government’s improper retention of Jennifer Edwards as the Executive Director of the NWSMA, while she heads the Women’s Movement of the PNP.

Senator Robert Montague said “The relationship between the three (3) persons in question and the Government and the duties they discharge, make their selection as political candidates and their continued service untenable.   They either need to resign from the government service, or resign from their selected positions as candidates, but they need to conduct themselves appropriately as the people of Jamaica deserve nothing less.” 

He continued: “In light of Minister Ferguson's recent utterances, all well-thinking Jamaicans should in fact be concerned that these persons holding senior and sensitive positions in the public service, may only direct benefits to PNP supporters. The call is being made to local government minister Noel Arscott to immediately demand their resignations.  The vulgar use of public service appointment for narrow political gain is a show of arrogance by this callous and uncaring PNP administration.  This most recent development is another manifestation of a betrayal of trust, and an abandonment of the poor; all for political purposes."
The JLP Chairman says this situation typifies the distinction between what the PNP says about good governance and what it does.  He pointed out that it is a slap in the face of the Jamaican people, that Jennifer Edwards, an influential PNP activist who consistently attends and presides over political meetings on behalf of the PNP affiliate organization, continues to head the NWSMA. 

Senator Montague stated that the JLP is demanding the removal of the PNP's representatives for the Bellefield, Porus and Pedro Plains Divisions respectively or their immediate resignations from the NSWMA; as well as the resignation of Jennifer Edwards from the NWSMA. 

He said that the concerns expressed by the Central Executive are well-founded as they go to the heart of non-partisanship and transparency in the conduct of Government services.