JLP Caretaker Zavia Mayne Condemns Garrison Comment by Walford

February 8, 2016

JLP caretaker for South West St. Ann, Zavia Mayne is today strongly condemning the statements made by outgoing MP for south West St. Ann Keith Walford ,about ‘garisonizing’ the constituency. He is further calling on the police high command to investigate Mr. Walford’s campaign, to see whether steps are being taken by them to; (a) introduce criminal elements into the constituency, (b) to introduce fear and menace as tools to induce persons to withdraw from the electoral process . He further calls on the outgoing Prime Minister to publicly rebuke and repudiate the statements that were made by Walford  on the political platform in her full view and hearing, and signal to Jamaica that she is against that sort of politics.

Mr. Mayne wishes to reiterate the JLP’s position that all garrisons should be dismantled; and to say to the constituents of South West St. Ann that a life of poverty and criminality is not what he  wants for the youth, instead. wants to provide the framework for them to lead healthy and productive lives and make their contribution to the development of Jamaica.

Finally, he wishes to assure the community of South West St. Ann, that he will be meeting with the police to ensure that adequate security measures are in place and that they must not be deterred by this desperate attempt to hold on to power.