Jamaica Has First Confirmed Death from Swine Flu

February 20, 2016

Jamaica Labour Party responds to the first confirmed death from H1 N1:

"First, our heartfelt condolences go out to the family of the doctor who lost her battle with the deadly H1 N1 virus, especially her children who have lost their mother.

"Her sad and unnecessary death raises several accountability questions about the Ministry of Health. The Health Ministry has become dysfunctional under the control of the PNP's government. It is becoming increasingly clear that PNP's stewardship of the Health Ministry has been harmful to Jamaica.

"Yesterday in a press release, Shadow Minister of Health Marlene Malahoo Forte called on Health Minister Horace Dalley to update Jamaicans on the status on H1 N1 and in particular to tell the country what measures the government has put in place to protect health care workers at all relevant levels in the system. The Health Minister is yet to respond and the silence is deafening.

"Senator Malahoo Forte raised important questions regarding the currents status of H1 N1 and other deadly viruses on the island, such as: When will the government tell us what it has done to address the Zika V Travel Advisory issued by the US Government on Jamaica?; How many suspected cases of Zika V have come back as confirmed cases of Dengue? How many cases of dengue are there? 

"The PNP has abdicated their responsibility as a government. The JLP calls on the PNP to immediately address the status of ALL deadly viruses that pose a danger to Jamaicans. PNP's Health Ministry is becoming more known for its rising body count than protecting our citizens."