Jamaica Cannot Afford Ebola Mistakes - Grange

Opposition Spokesperson on Information, Ms. Olivia 'Babsy' Grange, has expressed alarm at recent statements by Information Minister, Sandrea Falconer, that the government is going to make mistakes in its handling of Ebola if and when it comes. This was said when the Minister scolded journalists at an Ebola briefing event with the media yesterday.
Ms. Grange noted that other governments have asserted that they cannot afford to make mistakes and made reference to the fact that President Obama is quoted as saying that the USA, “Cannot afford mistakes when American lives are at risk.”
Yet Ms. Falconer is comfortable with the fact that the government will make "mistakes" and "mis-steps" with the lives of Jamaicans and is asking the media and the country to accept that. "The present government's delay in acting and the mistakes they have made with Chik-V continue to cost the entire country dearly which has also resulted in many Chik-V related deaths. Jamaicans are not prepared to accept any more mistakes - especially not with a disease as serious as Ebola”, the Opposition Spokesperson asserted.
According to Ms. Grange, “Ms. Falconer’s attempts to influence media coverage of the Government’s failure to protect Jamaicans, is another example of how disconnected the PNP is from the needs of Jamaicans.  Ms. Falconer should be trying to re-build the nation's trust in the government after the country was misled about Chik-V and many Jamaican's continue to suffer.”
“It is sad that while Jamaicans continue to panic regarding our preparedness for Ebola, the Information Minister is now more interested in how her government is criticised and not about the welfare and safety of the people through efficient and effective communication. Ms. Falconer should be focused on preventing her government’s communication failures rather than attacking the media on its coverage. In an effort to protect the country, the Information Minister should seek greater cooperation with the media as the lack of information is what causes speculation. Minister, please let the media do their job."
In concluding, the Opposition Spokesperson on Information said the media should continue to be aggressive while acting responsible in its attempts to ferret out information to guide the public and should not be intimidated by attempts by government members like Miss Falconer.  She said, “Too many mistakes are being made by this government and Jamaicans continue to feel the pain for their mistakes.”