Holness Tables Questions to Prime Minister on NHT Purchase of Outameni

Leader of the Opposition Mr Andrew Holness today tabled the following questions in the Houses of Parliament:

Questions to the Prime Minister Re: Purchase of Outameni Experience by the NHT
Tabled by the Leader of the Opposition Mr. Andrew Holness on November 4, 2014
1.                   Is the Prime Minister aware that the purchase and operation of tourist attractions falls outside of the statutory mandate of the National Housing Trust as defined by the National Housing Trust Act of 1979?
2.                   Will the Prime Minister say whether she is aware that the NHT has purchased a tourist attraction and through its Chairman has publicly stated its intention to operate the attraction?
3.                   Will the Prime Minister tell this Honourable House when she became aware of the transaction?
4.                  Will the Prime Minister say what, if any, action she has taken in respect of the Board of the NHT in light of its approval and entry into this transaction?
5.                   Will the Prime Minister say whether any due diligence exercise or feasibility study was conducted in respect of the proposed transaction? 
If so, will the Prime Minister (a) tell the Honourable House what exercises were conducted and when they were conducted; and
(b) provide the House with a copy of the relevant reports?
6.                   Will the Prime Minister tell this Honourable House (a) the name of the Company from which the NHT purchased the tourist attraction known as the Outameni Experience and the lands thereon; and (b) the names of the Directors and Shareholders of the said Company?