February 18, 2016.                 

The Jamaica Labour Party will launch its Manifesto at 11 o’clock this morning Thursday February 18 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.  The manifesto launch will be followed by a bus tour across the corporate area, making stops at designated points.
The Jamaica Labour Party says its 2016 Manifesto is a concise yet comprehensive outline of the plans and programmes the next JLP Government will pursue and implement to improve the lives of Jamaica.
The Opposition Leader said: “The Jamaica Labour Party’s 2016 Manifesto is a bankable and realistic plan of action.  It is our road-map to prosperity.  The manifesto reflects the desires of the people of Jamaica and will go a far way is achieving Jamaica’s strategic interests.  Our 2016 Manifesto is a literal blueprint for the development of this country.  We have been thoughtful and deliberate in putting our plans together and have every confidence that our proposals will bring marked improvements to the lives of the people of Jamaica.”
Holness continued: “The Jamaica Labour Party has been going around the island with its message of hope and prosperity.  We have been to virtually every community in this country at one point or another over the past few months.We have heard the cries of the people and have witnessed first-hand the hardship and suffering that confront them.  Our Manifesto was crafted with the people of Jamaica at the centre of our plans.  We are committed to improving the roads our people walk, bringing water to their homes and farms, making their communities safer, facilitating the success of their businesses, growing our economy and creating jobs for the people of Jamaica.”
Opposition Leader Andrew Holness says he is pleased with the work of the Party’s Manifesto Committee and is confident that the Party is presenting a viable and credible alternative to the PNP.



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