Green Calls for Urgent Intervention to Fix Watchwell to Lacovia Main Road

Black River, St. Elizabeth;  Floyd Green, JLP Caretaker for South West St. Elizabeth, is today calling on Member of Parliament Hugh Buchanan to take urgent steps to have the Watchwell to Lacovia Road repaired.

Green’s call comes against protests held by the residents in the constituency today which saw them blocking the thorough-fare between Mountainside and Burnt Savannah due the poor road conditions.

“The main road which runs from Watchwell through the communities of Mountainside, Knoxwood and Burnt Savannah is in an atrocious state and it is a true disservice to the hard working people in these communities that they are forced to endure these conditions daily. The repair bills for motor vehicle owners, and the reluctance of public transport to traverse the area is making the lives of the people in these districts unbearable and it is about time that the matter is addressed.” said Green

The JLP Caretaker urged the Member of Parliament to allocate some of his Constituency Development Fund to this venture, and called on the NWA for its immediate intervention.

Councillor for the area the JLP’s Derrick Sangster, supported the cry of the people “ For the past few years I have been urging the Member of Parliament to treat with this matter urgently but all my cries have fallen on deaf ears.”