Grange Salutes Youth on International Youth Day

Opposition Spokesperson on Youth, Ms. Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange, is today saluting Jamaica’s youth for their contribution to various aspects of national life as the world commemorates International Youth Day.
Ms. Grange said: “The observance of International Youth Day affords us the opportunity to acknowledge not only the work and achievement of young people in Jamaica, but also to focus on their challenges and concerns.  While we celebrate their energy, foresight, ingenuity and dynamism, we must also take care to recognize their challenges and support them in surmounting them.”
The Opposition Spokesperson went on to highlight: “International Youth Day, which is being celebrated under the theme: ‘Youth & Mental Health’,  brings the state of young people in our society into sharp focus and provides a reference point for the actions that must be taken in today's world to secure a brighter and more prosperous future for them.”   
She continued: “Mental health is a serious issue among Jamaica's youth population.  This is reflected in the high levels of crime and anti-social behaviour which involves our young people both as victims and as perpetrators.  It is my fervent hope that more adequate resources and greater attention be placed on the identification of mental health issues among our youth, and that intervention by Government is timely, effective and targeted."
Ms. Grange said that as a committed proponent and campaigner for youth mainstreaming and upliftment, she would like efforts to be concentrated at this time on removing all impediments to optimizing the potential of our young people.  
She says: “It is good to see that the United Nations is leading this charge, having chosen the theme: ‘Youth & Mental Health’ in commemorating International Youth Day this year.  The UN, no doubt, recognizes the challenges posed by mental health issues amongst the world’s youth, but even more importantly, appreciates the importance of taking steps to combat these challenges, and by so doing, enable youth with mental health conditions to realize their full potential”.