GOV’T Destroying Manley’s NHT Dream

Opposition Spokesman on Housing Dr. Horace Chang has asserted that the National Housing Trust (NHT) is failing its contributors under the government's current leadership, and particularly through the activities of its Chairman Mr. Easton Douglas. Dr. Chang said that Mr Douglas could in fact be considered to be destroying the dream of Michael Manley to provide affordable housing for Jamaicans.
Dr. Chang said he was extremely uncomfortable with the NHT spending $291 million to acquire and repair a tourism attraction that is not making any money.  He asked: “Do you know how many contributors could have gotten housing benefits with this money?. This is an egregious and outrageous use of poor people’s money. Many of these said contributors are turned away when they apply to the NHT for loans as they are told there is nothing available for them.”
According to Dr. Chang:“Michael Manley must be turning in his grave as his own political party, is destroying his legacy with their mismanagement of the NHT. The NHT is fast becoming a tax as a majority of its contributors will never benefit and the government continues to use their money for the wrong projects. The NHT is not a pork barrel and Mr. Douglas, himself a former housing Minister and the government should not turn it into such”.
Dr. Chang said that the NHT itself should be concerned about its loss of credibility.  He said, “It is ironic that the people of Jamaica are losing their trust in the NHT under a PNP administration. I am now calling on the Honourable Prime Minister to take steps to correct this problem. In fact I do believe that The Outamenii purchase should be facilitated by the TEF -Tourism Enhancement Fund and not the NHT."
He concluded by noting how unfair it is for Jamaicans to continue contributing to the NHT while they might benefit from their contributions and while the government spends their money on inappropriate projects.