Fix the Garbage Problem Now! - Mckenzie

" light of the real and heightened risk of an outbreak of the Chikungunya virus"

Opposition Spokesperson on Local  Government  Mr. Desmond Mckenzie is today calling on the Ministers of Local Government and Health to take immediate steps to deal with the pile up of garbage in the corporate area and other communities around the country.

Mr. McKenzie suggested that if money is the problem, then disaster funds should be released to solve what could be a disaster waiting to happen.
He spoke in the context of the recent confirmation of two local cases of the dreaded chikungunya virus and said: "There is a significant pile up of garbage because the NSWMA is not functioning properly. Piles of garbage become habitats for vermin and other pests including mosquitoes. The government must therefore act urgently in light of the real and heightened risk of an outbreak of the chikungunya virus". 
He continued: "Jamaica cannot afford an epidemic due to an increase in the mosquito population.  We cannot continue to tolerate the incompetence of the NWSMA at a time like this.  This is a serious matter".

The Opposition Spokesman added that the NSWMA needs to contract more trucks to collect the pileup of garbage, and said they should coordinate their efforts with the Ministry of Health if necessary to prioritize areas for clean up.