Ferguson Has Failed, PM Needs to Act – says Young Jamaica

Young Jamaica President Howard Chamberlain says yesterday’s failure of the Minister of Health to explain how the Chik V Virus is transmitted in Parliament is a clear example of why he is ill prepared and not competent to manage Jamaica’s health system.
Chamberlain, said in viewing the sitting, “The Minister in his presentation yesterday in Parliament gave erroneous information and if it wasn’t for the intervention of Opposition Spokesman on Health, Dr. Kenneth Baugh, many parliamentarians and viewers also, would have been left confused by his utterances.
The Young Jamaica President is worried that this is merely a public example of what could be a deeper problem, “The government was told about this virus about 2 years ago, and after two years the Minister of Health who leads the health service has not adequately informed himself on how the virus is spread and worse was initially adamant in giving wrong information to the public”.
The Young Jamaica President added that, “This is very serious and must be embarrassing to the government. The Minister of Health is not capable of protecting the nation’s health and every time he speaks people have less confidence in the system. The Prime Minister needs to accept that there is clearly a problem and take action immediately to safeguard the nation’s health