Coral Gardens and Iron Shore Need Water – Sinclair

Councillor for the Flankers Division and former Mayor of Montego Bay, Mr. Charles Sinclair is demanding that the National Water Commission move quickly to ensure that Coral Gardens and Iron Shore communities are supplied with water immediately.
Mr. Sinclair noted that: “For the last 7 days these communities have had no water in their pipes or had water delivered to them. This has left over four thousand people in need of this essential service. This is intolerable especially at this time when schools are reopening”.
According to Mr. Sinclair the people are without water because the NWC has not been servicing its consumers who pay for water and continued to be billed for water not received. He went on to indicate that Iron Shore is critical to tourism in this region with a significant number of villas and guest houses. The NWC due to its inefficiencies is destroying these businesses.” he emphasised.
The Councillor says other areas in the division such as Flower Hill have not had water for eight months and Flanker also has serious problems. ‘We do not have a water shortage in this side of the island what we have is a shortage of good sense, planning and proper management and maintenance.” He went on to say, ‘When Dr. Chang was a Minister we presented a detailed plan to the Parish Council, a plan which to date has not been implemented. This plan would have helped to solve our current issues”

He added, “When I spoke to a vice president of the NWC I was told that they don’t have the money to truck water, Rapid Response says it does not have any trucks and the two I left there when I was Mayor 2 years ago are in a state of disrepair. It is clear that providing water to the people in these communities is not a priority of the Government.’