Come Clean on H1N1, Zika V and Dengue implores Malahoo Forte

February 19, 2016 

Shadow Minister of Health Marlene Malahoo Forte is calling on Health Minister Horace Dalley to provide an update to the nation on H1 N1 and in particular to tell the country what measures the government has put in place to protect health care workers at all relevant levels in the system. Her call comes against the backdrop of Jamaica being placed on high alert for this potentially fatal virus and confirmation of some nine cases on the island.
Mrs. Malahoo Forte says the people of Jamaica can no longer afford to entrust the protection of their health to the Simpson Miller Administration.

“This PNP Government has repeatedly failed to protect the health and safety of Jamaicans. We want to know when was the first case of H1N1 reported and when was the first diagnosis made and confirmed. Doctors have told me that they reported their concerns to the Ministry of Health from as far back as October/November of last year,” added Malahoo Forte.
The Jamaica Labour Party Opposition is accusing the PNP government of once again covering up important public health information and of failing to act in a timely way.
Malahoo Forte continued, “We also want the government to tell us what it has done to address the Zika V Travel Advisory issued by the US Government on Jamaica. The silence is deafening. Is there anyone running the country at this time? How many suspected cases of Zika V have come back as confirmed cases of Dengue? How many cases of dengue are there? The people demand to know.”
Senator Malahoo Forte says the current Health Minister must break his campaign activities and update the nation of what is happening in the health portfolio.