Chikungunya Not Being Taken Seriously Enough By Ministers of Local Government and Health – BAUGH

Opposition Spokesman on Health Dr. Kenneth Baugh is concerned that the relevant authorities including the NSWMA and the Ministry of Health are not taking the growing outbreak of Chikungunya seriously.
According to Dr. Baugh, “The numbers being quoted by the Ministry of Health are not credible. Many more people are being afflicted by this illness and are not being recorded and these low numbers could lull people into false sense of security”.  
Dr. Baugh is suggesting that the Minister of Local Government and the Minister of Health need to ramp up their vector control efforts as well as their public education efforts to encourage people who suspect they have Chikungunya to report it. “This is a very serious situation and even with health practitioners warning of the impending increase in the rates of infection, there is still a garbage problem in many areas of the country and many areas where mosquitoes can find fertile breeding grounds.”
Dr. Baugh added that, “We also need the citizens of Jamaica to take the cleanliness of their surrounding seriously and check to see that there are no mosquito breeding places in and around your home and community." 
He said the only way we can fight this infestation is together, so while communities need to play their part, the Ministries and their agencies must also play theirs”.