Chang Invests in Education

Member of Parliament for North West St James Dr. Horace Chang has pledged to continue using significant portions of his Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to invest in Education.

The third term Member of Parliament revealed that, “In the first five years when we had the SESP between 2002 and 2007, we spent the bulk on education infrastructure such as computer centers, music band equipment and college fees. Since 2007 we have been spending about 5 million dollars a year on college and university fees, assisting hundreds of students to achieve higher levels of qualification”.

According to Dr. Chang, this assistance with fees is essential as many inner-city youth have the capability, but not the resources to further their education.  He said: ‘Smart hardworking students from these humble communities should not be embarrassed by their economic circumstances. We are committed to education and uplifting residents through their children attaining higher education.”

Dr. Chang said that this effort was non-negotiable and once the CDF exists, he and his constituency organization will spend a significant portion of it on education.  He said: “We cannot build a nation without an educated population. The answer to the question of solving poverty is always education which can increase productivity and quality life".