“Nothing for Jamaica in Prime Minister’s Speech” Audley Gordon JLP DGS

“Nothing was in the Prime Minister’s Speech for Jamaica” was the immediate response from the JLP to Simpson Miller’s address today at its 76th Annual Conference. The issues explored were major economic issues which did not address things affecting the daily lives of the average Jamaican citizen, JLP Deputy General Secretary Audley Gordon, insisted.

Mr. Gordon said “The Prime Minister’s presentation reflected a Party leader needing to ‘whip up’ her base but not a Prime Minister interested in the mandate of the people or the real issues affecting people. She dodged the issues of crime, the cost of electricity and even the current health epidemic! How can you then say you passed the peoples test?”

The Deputy General-Secretary reminded that the PNP President had promised lower electricity bills as a priority for the government.  He said that this promise was clearly broken – especially being looked at against the background of the 21% JPS increase now being contemplated by the OUR.

The JLP Deputy General Secretary went on to note that we are three weeks into the new school year  and families are finding it extremely difficult to cope with rising prices and low funds to meet the needs of their children in this school year.  He observed that this was another one of the people’s tests being failed.

Mr. Gordon noted that the current rise in prices is fast eroding the purchasing power of the working class many of whom have seen all their regular bills fall into arrears.  He said that the Prime Minister’s presentation was disappointing in many ways and showed that the government was clearly failing all of the people’s tests.